Workshop ”The importance of railways for sustainable growth, transit trade and economic development” – Tripoli, 22 November

The Railway Implementation and Management Agency (Libyan Railroads) is organizing a workshop on November 22 in Tripoli under the banner: ”The importance of railways for sustainable growth, transit trade and economic development”.

Libyan Railways say their modern vision is to prioritize the transportation of raw materials and goods and focus on connecting populated cities, ports, free zones and dry ports. It also takes into consideration the connection of these lines to neighboring countries with the aim of using them in transit trade to support and diversify the national economy.

To implement this vision, he said he has started to study the financing of these projects through the allocation of a budget from the Libyan government or local and international investments. It also plans to train and rehabilitate the national workforce that can help with construction and operation.

Workshop objectives

  • Clarify rail project implementation priorities and the milestones they have reached
  • Enable private sector participation in the financing, investment, implementation and operation of railway projects
  • Elucidating the importance of railways in enhancing economic and social development
  • Strengthen the development process and sustainable regional integration
  • Emphasis on role of railways in economic diversification
  • The importance of railways in the integration of the transport sector
  • Benefit from the experiences of other countries in this field

Workshop topics


A delegation from the Libyan Railway Authority visits InnoTrans 2022 in preparation for the workshop

Libyan Railways Authority tests old locomotive and 10km track from Khoms port to Khoms station

  • The railway and its importance in the transit trade
  • The role of railways in reducing transport inconveniences
  • The strategy of the railway authority in the implementation of the project
  • The urban train and its integration into the public transport system at the service of sustainable development in Libya
  • The alternatives available to finance rail projects and investment opportunities
  • The role of freight trains in transporting goods and natural resources in Libya
  • The role of the Iron and Steel Company (LISCO) in the establishment of the railway by bringing its products to support the national economy
  • Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities in Railway Operations

The Libyan Railways Implementation Authority invites the International Federation of Railways to participate in the November workshop (

A delegation from the Libyan Railway Authority visits InnoTrans 2022 in preparation for the workshop (

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Libyan Railway Authority tests old locomotive and 10 km track from Khoms port to Khoms station (

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Egypt to build railway line to Benghazi (

Libya to develop its coastal free zones with African states through its railway project and create partnerships with the EU (

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Massive LD 50 billion development of Tobruk unveiled; railway to Sudan to be built (

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