Took too much home? 3 options to look at

If your home is too big or too expensive for you, here are some steps you might want to take.

You will often hear that taking up too much space is a mistake that you will eventually regret. Not only can buying a home give you a mortgage that you struggle to pay, but it could lead to additional costs like high property taxes, tons of maintenance, and utility bills. expensive. If you’ve taken too much home, here are a few options worth considering.

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1. Refinance your mortgage

If you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments, refinancing might help reduce them. When you refinance, you are swapping your existing mortgage for a new one with better terms. This could mean turning a 15 year loan into a 30 year loan with lower monthly payments. Or it could mean keeping the same loan term but reducing the interest rate on your mortgage so that your payments go down. There are different options to play with, and refinance rates are competitive across the board right now, so this is an option worth exploring if your current mortgage is seriously blowing your budget.

2. Find a tenant

If you bought a larger house, you may be able to rent part of it. This rental income could help you offset your expenses and cover your mortgage on an ongoing basis. You will need to make sure that you are authorized to bring in a tenant before announcing that you are looking for one; your local city zoning council should be able to tell you what options you have in this regard. But if you have a finished basement or other separate space in your home that offers privacy, it may be possible to find a tenant – and it’s worth it.

3. Collapse and move

Maybe you’ve realized that you don’t need 4,000 square feet of living space to be comfortable. And you might be fed up with spending tons of money to heat and cool this space. If you’ve lost your mind, your best bet may be to list your current home and find a smaller one to move into. The good news is that the housing market is hot right now, so you’ll likely get a good price for your home once you sell it. The bad news, however, is that there is a limited supply of tiny homes on the market, so finding one to move into can be a challenge. But even if you can’t downsize right away, it’s something to put on your radar for the housing market opens up, which could happen later this year.

If you’ve taken too many homes, you risk digging yourself a deeper financial hole every day. And you deserve better. Rather than repeating your mistake (hey, we all do), find the best way forward. You may find that refinancing or hiring a tenant helps you stay in your home without breaking your budget. Or, you may decide that moving is the best solution. Either way, you are not stuck, so the key is to find the best choice for you.

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