Technology-driven e-commerce platform Raha set to redefine the grocery shopping experience in Kuwait

Raha, the region’s newest online grocery platform, has announced its official launch in the Kuwaiti market, with its app now available on all Apple and Android devices.

A local concept, Raha is the Middle East’s first fully automated online grocery platform – offering a full range of groceries, fresh produce and household essentials.

It also includes Kuwait’s first fully automated robotic processing center and one of the first such centers in the world with cold storage capacity.

Developed by global warehouse automation specialist, Swisslog, the center serves as the foundation for Raha’s technology-driven operating model and fully automated, data-driven intralogistics system – including the AutoStore solution; an innovative automated materials handling solution that uses robots above an aluminum grid system to store and locate goods, efficiently delivering them to pick stations for processing.

Designed first and foremost as a digital operation, Raha invests heavily in its technology infrastructure and fully autonomous operating model, including robotic fulfillment team and in-house preparation of all fresh items.

Raha’s easy-to-navigate smart platform leverages user data and insights to deliver a personalized customer journey like no other on the market, with made-to-order items, easy step-by-step customization, bespoke recipes and an impressive array of varieties across all product segments.

According to the company’s co-founder and CEO, Saleh Al-Tunaib, Raha’s investment in technology and innovation did not come as an added value extension of the business, but rather was the notion driving force at the heart of its design and service. model from the very beginning. “From the outset, the goal was to develop a pure play digital retail operation that combines operational excellence with a simplified and intelligent user experience.

“Every step of the customer journey – from first login to final order delivery – has been carefully designed to provide maximum convenience. We wanted to translate and elevate the traditional grocery experience at its best into a seamless digital experience said Al-Tunaib.

Raha’s heavy investment in its software and product technology infrastructure has built an autonomous operating model that is now Kuwait’s first robotic processing center.

At the same time, Raha successfully launched a fully automated refrigerated distribution center, making it one of the first of its kind in the world. This achievement introduces the emerging trend of intralogistics throughout the region, which is proving to shape the future of the e-commerce industry worldwide.

With a fundamental commitment to meeting quality and freshness standards for every order, Raha uses a precise and fully temperature controlled process. The entire logistics cycle – from procurement to last mile delivery – is systematic and precisely controlled. Dedicated in-house meat, poultry, fish and deli meat preparation areas provide consumers with unparalleled freshness when combined with Raha’s unique indoor shipping area.

Their trained fleet performs last-mile delivery that is optimized and fast to complete the full cycle, seamlessly inserting Raha’s redefined grocery experience into the e-commerce space that users are increasingly migrating to. today.

Additionally, Raha offers a nutritionally categorized assortment to suit all lifestyles and a unique feature in the form of Raha Recipes: a one-click add-to-cart recipe component, with recipes produced in internally using only the elements available in the application.

“Delivering this modern and seamless next-level grocery delivery experience is also credited to Swisslog’s skillful implementation of AutoStore which has propelled us beyond the traditional warehousing and fulfillment systems currently found in our landscape,” Al-Tunaib added.

For his part, David Dronfield, Managing Director of Swisslog Middle East, said: “The micro-fulfilment center designed for Raha is the first automated micro-fulfillment center (MFC) implemented in Kuwait, with a system designed from such a way that the order capacity per day can be effectively doubled thanks to the scalability of our solution.

Customers benefit from unparalleled flexibility and convenience by building a system that not only caters to chilled and ambient products, but is designed to perform both express and scheduled deliveries.

Clearly, the pandemic present at the time of designing and conceptualizing the partnership played a role in the desired end results and vision. Although Kuwait was in lockdown, a tremendous work ethic and strong collaboration between Swisslog and Raha made possible the rapid and successful implementation of the system, overcoming pandemic barriers through our joint efforts.

It should be noted that Raha was created and designed by a diverse team of motivated young talents, who bring with them extensive expertise and experience in food retailing, e-commerce and technology development in the region.

The company has completed its seed funding round, with an impressive $6.7 million in capital raised from Saudi and Kuwaiti backers, as well as an international VC.

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