Status of the plan to improve access and improve the quality of learning in TVET

Education CS George Magoha [left] meets with Principal Secretary, Ministry of Education, State Department for Vocational and Technical Training, Margaret Mwakima, at the official opening of the Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions [KATTI] capacity building workshop in Mombasa on September 6, 2021.[Omondi Onyango, Standard]

Members of the Technical Working Group on the Harmonization of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Qualifications meet in Nairobi and virtually discuss the draft regional TVET Qualifications Framework.

This framework will reduce the time spent by trainees relearning in order to achieve expected results in other contexts, as well as strengthening independence in decision-making.

The workshop organized by the Interuniversity Council for East Africa, through the EASTRIP project, is an initiative of African governments and the World Bank to increase access and improve the quality of TVET programs in selected institutions.

While facilitating the three-day workshop which will culminate with the validation of the Harmonized Framework for TVET Qualifications, the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Education, State Department of TVET, Margaret Mwakima, reiterated the opportunities issues presented by the advancement of the regional TVET program.

“A good quality education and training system in the region is a path to employment and entrepreneurship, which is in line with sustainable development goal number 4,” she said.

His sentiments were shared by IUCEA Executive Secretary Prof. Gaspard Banyankimbona, who noted that “the harmonization of TVET qualifications will support regional integration by facilitating the free movement of labor. qualified and professional services “.

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