Sporting Gijon winger Jony after leaving Lazio: ‘I’m the happiest man in the world’

Spanish winger Jony has expressed his joy after returning to Sporting Gijon on loan from Lazio.

Speaking to the Media Service of Gijon (via LazioNews24) last night, the 30-year-old Spanish winger first reacted to his departure from Roma.

I am the happiest man in the world. For me, it’s a dream to be back home. Physically, I feel good because I trained a lot and took care of myself.

I have never trained so much in my life as during these six months. I didn’t play, but I also trained with a physical trainer. I’m ready.

Jony spoke about his recent history and the upcoming challenges he will face with Gijon.

I came to bring my grain of sand to achieve this goal which seems far away but we will fight until the end for promotion. All we have to do is take this three-four game streak to catch up with the teams in front.

People say Sporting are far from the areas that matter, but we are only two games away from the playoffs. Being here is a pleasure, it’s something very big. I come from six quite difficult months in Osasuna where I suffered a rather serious injury.

I come from difficult months and I want to take advantage of this new phase. I’m sure I’ll do well because people support me, I feel safe and loved. I trust myself a lot.

He explained how his transfer to Sporting Gijon went.

When I got on the plane, I had permission from Lazio. My reps told me there was already this deal, but I want to thank both Javi Rico and the board and Javier, the president, for all the effort they put into getting me here.

They give me the opportunity to go home, to be happy again, after six months that have been so hard for me and after being so hurt last year. Until Saturday evening or Sunday morning nothing was clear.

Finally, Jony spoke about his future and whether he will stay with Gijon beyond this season.

In principle it is a loan transfer, but Gijon is my home and I will always be ready to stay. Then there are the signed contracts. They are different divisions, I come from a club that recently played in the Champions League. Obviously there are efforts, both on my part and on the part of the club.

If the objective is achieved, the club will make an effort, so will I, and an agreement will be reached. You have to work day after day in silence. Whenever Sporting has contacted me, they have always been my first choice.

It’s my home, I’ve always felt happy, protected When two people want to meet, they find the reason or the agreement to do so.

Jony, 30, failed to make a strong impression at Roma after signing a free transfer in July 2019. He made 32 appearances in total for Lazio, playing 1,659 minutes. Meanwhile, he provided four assists but failed to convince Simone Inzaghi enough to earn a consistent spot in the team.

Jony will be looking for regular minutes with Sporting Gijon as he looks to enjoy the final stage of his career.

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