Some of the Best Home Loans for Investors and Refinancers in September 2021

If you already own a home or investment property and are considering refinancing, the banks might want your business. Lenders have reportedly turned their attention away from fixed rates, with some major banks cutting variable rates in response to record levels of refinancing activity.

All of this activity takes place off-cycle of the RBA, which has confirmed that it does not intend to increase the national treasury rate until at least 2024.

In addition to increasing fixed rates and lowering variable rates, some lenders have repayment offers to help refinancers switch to their mortgages.

Refinancing could also be an option to consider for borrowers who have experienced financial difficulties due to the lockdowns. The Australian Banking Association (ABA) recently revealed that the number of Australians receiving hardship assistance has tripled in the past month and the number of mortgage holders deferring their repayments has also increased.

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Ratings are correct at time of posting. Please note that lenders may swap places on the list as interest rates and fees change and RateCity’s tracker reflects these movements.

Some of the Best Home Loans for Refinancers

Some of the best home loans for investors

Some of the best home loans from the big banks

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