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ORWELL – Village council will be busy next week as many ordinances are expected to be on the agenda for Tuesday’s regular town hall meeting.

An afternoon working session will take place before the meeting.

The village council will likely see two sidewalk projects on the agenda with a $27,175 contract up for discussion, as well as a $36,200 sidewalk repair contract.

“It’s (the condition of the sidewalks) one of the biggest complaints I get,” Orwell Village Administrator Tami Pentek said.

“One (contract) is for leveling and one is for replacement,” said Orwell Street Department Superintendent Shane Gregory.

“I would rather wait for winter and find the money (for the replacement). … It’s a lot of money and the roads need to be repaired,” Councilman Jeremy Cottrell said. But if others wanted to start the program now, he said he would support it.

After lengthy discussions, the consensus was to put the bill on the agenda for next week’s meeting.

“I think you have to do both,” Councilman Bob Denihan said.

Council also decided to put a resolution on the agenda that would fund an improvement to street service. This would include moving a diesel tank, adding a gas tank and putting up a fence around the entire area as well as security cameras.

The project is expected to cost around $6,000. Gregory said the new gas pump would allow all vehicles in the village to fill up on site.

The Council also discussed how much money, from a sewer bond fund, should be used to pay down debt on a 20-year-old United States Department of Agriculture loan.

Council members said they wanted to reduce the debt, but also wanted to have the funds available for a sewer service emergency, should one arise.

Orwell clerk/treasurer Ella Stanton recommended putting $100,000 down to reduce the principle of the loan and keep $79,000 for emergencies.

“I’m still undecided, I see both sides,” said Orwell Board Chairman Chris Ruks.

“I don’t know if there’s a perfect answer,” Councilman David Hartz said.

Council also discussed a draft resolution that would set aside $30,000 to repair fire trucks.

Orwell Fire Chief Scott Merlino said the department was told the trucks needed repairs during maintenance checks, but the funds were lacking.

“We’re at the point where they need to be fixed to operate safely,” Merlino said.

Pentek is also seeking permission to seek funds from the Ohio Public Works Board for the downtown water tower project.

Council also discussed the water and sewer rate structure.

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