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VIJAYAWADA: With gasoline prices approaching Rs 100 per liter, the demand for battery scooters is increasing as people want to save on the cost of fuel. As a result, the sale of electric scooters has increased significantly in the city. Potential two-wheeler buyers are also showing an interest in purchasing electric scooters and inquiring about the vehicles at local showrooms.

At present, there are five electric scooter showrooms in Vijayawada. The Naanyasri Electric Vehicles showroom on BRTS Road in the city has sold around 150 electric scooters since November, showing the increased demand for battery-powered vehicles. The number of inquiries from potential buyers about electric scooters has also tripled, from 10 to 15 per day. People increasingly prefer personal two-wheeled transport due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Almost three years ago, we opened the showroom to promote the use of battery-powered vehicles in Vijayawada. The business was nominal until September 2020 and we were selling 10 to 15 vehicles per month. Thanks to the surge in gasoline prices, people have started to show interest in purchasing electric scooters that do not require vehicle registration or a driver’s license, ”CEO Deepthi Parepalli told TNIE. of the Naanyasri Electric Vehicles showroom.

If the nationalized banks offer to extend auto loans generously, the demand for electric scooters will increase further, which in turn will help reduce air pollution, she said. At present, the showroom sells two models of electric scooters – Era and Era Pro which are powered by lithium-ion and lithium phosphate batteries.

The on-road price of Era powered by a 27 AH battery is Rs 54,000. Era Pro is available in three variants powered by 22 AH, 30 AH and 42 AH batteries. The prices of three Era Pro variants are Rs 65,000, Rs 75,000 and Rs 90,000 respectively. The maximum time for a full battery charge is four to eight hours and the vehicle travels a distance of 60 to 100 km at one time. Only one power unit is needed for the battery to be fully charged and it may cost Rs 5 added.

B Swathi Supriya, a private employee, said she plans to buy a scooter to get to her office on MG Road from Bhavanipuram. “Recently my neighbor bought an electric scooter and explained its benefits to me. After calculating the cost of operating a gasoline powered vehicle, I came to the conclusion that it pays to go for an electric scooter, ”she said. Although electric scooters are exempt from registration and road tax, it is a bit difficult for salaried people to buy it by paying the full cost all at once, said K Siva Ram, another dealer. of electric scooters.

Currently, private finance companies offer a vehicle loan at an interest rate of 13% and the customer has to bear 40% of the cost as a down payment. Banks should offer vehicle loans at low interest rates, which helps promote the use of environmentally friendly vehicles, he added.

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