Regional agricultural cooperatives that merged last year now have a new name –

Cherokee, Iowa – The regional agricultural cooperatives that merged in 2021 now have a new name.

According to company officials, Alceco/Ag Partners and First Cooperative Association, which merged in September 2021, announced that the company will begin operating under a new name and will be known as AgState.

Officials tell us that the rebranding strategy reflects both the evolution of the company and its vision for the future. They say the new organization is well placed to serve their customers in the future.

AgState officials tell us a redesigned corporate logo has been revealed and a new website is set to launch in spring 2022, which will highlight the company’s focus on local decision-making. , financial stability and customer support “on every acre and every animal.”

They also tell us that the company’s board and management team, made up of 12 farmers, remain focused on integrating the team and capturing synergies between the two organizations.

For more information on the name change or to learn more about AgState, they tell us you can visit

The First Cooperative Association, FCA, is recognized as the OLDEST active grain cooperative in the country. The Marcus grain site was incorporated on December 12, 1887. Alceco has served Iowa producers for over 100 years. Officials tell us it was instrumental in loading grain shuttles in northwest Iowa, originally as Alceco and more recently as a joint venture, Ag Partners. . Both cooperatives are democratically owned and controlled by their farmer members.

AgState provides agronomic solutions and data services, through offerings in animal feeds, petroleum products and grain risk management products.

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