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Millburn, NJ: Re “Icon and Inspiration” (September 3): Serena Williams not only inspires young fans but also old ones. After she lost, I woke up feeling like I lost something too. I cried on the way to the bagel store. I have happily watched her shine and fight through it all for 25 years. In her last run (not praying!) at the US Open, Serena the GOAT gave us her all. I clenched my fist and shouted “Come on!” with his smashes at the crucial points. When she was up, I was up. When she was in bed and took a towel, I nervously grabbed a snack from the fridge.

His first two victories were mind-blowing matches of skill, recovery, resilience and combat. In her third match, she was in a second-set tie-break fighting for survival. I took out my running shoes and went for a walk. When I came back, she had won the tie-break. My heart leaps. We were on our way until his opponent became impenetrable. The Queen played the match of her life at 1-5, fending off five match points that were among the greatest strokes in tennis I have ever seen, but she was unable to pull this one back.

During Serena’s last twirl and goodbye, I realized that she had taught me to fight harder to change things. I thought of a black woman from Compton who had broken racial barriers all her life. I realized that she had made a middle-aged white woman feel so attuned to her all these years. In a country so divided, what a victory. Wendy Missanne

Saddle Brook, NJ: After watching the Yankees for the past two months, I feel like their success with RISP (runner-in-scoring position) is more like RIP. Joseph M. Savoy

Bay Shore, LI: One good thing about streaming Yankees games (if there are any) is that I started keeping a box score to keep up with John Sterling’s ramblings on the radio while watching the Mets games on TV. John T.O’Connell

Whitestone: Please, Pete Alonso, stop swinging on heights that match the letters or above. The Braves and Dodgers have shown you have issues with good high fastballs, so those will be all you’ll see for the rest of the season. You’re not like Jose Altuve or Vlad Guerrero Sr., who hit pitches above the strike zone. Release high fastballs and you’ll see that most of the ones you hit aren’t strikes. Dorothee Lyon

Yonkers: President Biden’s so-called “Soul of the Nation” speech is just the latest example of a politician who desperately wants Americans to ignore the dystopian catastrophe his presidency represents. His wordy cover-up does nothing to bring Americans together as he promised when he took office and represents an even more devious prevarication. It is pathetic to hear Biden talk about solidarity and unity, because together with the far left anti-American kakistocracy that has taken over the Democratic Party, they have torn the country apart with their relentless efforts to root out the true soul of America. , which is their ultimate goal. Hearing him talk about “saving” the soul of the nation while vilifying at least half of the American citizens is heartbreaking. Truthfulness and compassion have never been part of Biden’s attributes and this latest bushwa is doing nothing to change that reality. James McCaffrey

Ridgewood, NJ: Senator Chuck Schumer and Rep. Jerry Nadler are self-righteous idiots. Marriage is a sacrament in all religions, not the government. The United States does not have a state religion and should avoid defining marriage. Imposing one’s beliefs on others is tyranny. Peter J. Peirano

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North Bergen: I’ve seen so many interviews across the country with people saying how unfair student loan forgiveness is to them. The most recent was in Scranton, Pennsylvania. People were comparing their mortgages, farm loans, and so on. to student loans. They don’t look alike at all. In one example, you can lock in an interest rate on your mortgage, but you cannot on a student loan. Your payment due can increase each year without warning. If you do your homework on this issue, you will agree that this forgiveness is a very good thing. Diane McNeill Capozzi

Old Bridge, NJ: In the voice of Michele P. Brown: A Donald Trump supporter has never come across a fact that hasn’t been called “fake news.” It is very difficult to light the donkeys. If we didn’t know before, the Trump gang pushed it hard at home! Janet Cecin

Milford, Pennsylvania: The primary function of government is to protect its people. That said, why does our government allow our drugs to be made in China, which has a government that is openly hostile to us? If that’s not a matter of national security, I don’t know what is. We all know that most bad things come from there (murder hornets, the spotted lanternfly, and COVID-19, among others). Are we naive enough to give them the rope with which they will hang us? Wake up! Robert K. Greco

Belvidere, NJ: Texas Governor Greg Abbott spreads wealth (from illegal immigrants) to NYC, DC and Chicago. He bussed them to those Democrat cities because Texas no longer has the capacity to house them. And the mayors of these three cities complain. But since March 2021, with the launch of Operation Lone Star, 287,000 illegal immigrants have poured into Texas and overwhelmed its resources. President Biden is turning a deaf ear to Abbott and the US-Mexico border crisis. But Biden could listen to the Democratic mayors of these three major metropolitan cities. Perhaps it takes a bit of persuasion (and teeth) of his own political ilk to get Biden to “see” the border crisis. Dan Arthur Prior

Massapequa Park, LI: With all the recent name-calling and bashing from the White House, it’s time to take a very serious look at where our country is headed. The man who promised to unite this country almost split it in two. Until there is not a single American without a home, health care, or proper education, our borders should be closed. Until all American veterans receive the resources they have earned, illegal immigrants should not be given cellphones or $400-a-night hotels in New York. If disinformation is now a crime, then White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre should be the first accused of claiming at a recent press conference that people are not crossing our southern border. , some infected with COVID, and allowed to stay. Raymond P. Moran

Snohomish, Wash.: Such a sad situation facing the Bravo family – eviction leading to possible homelessness (“Families in Town Struggle as Pandemic Eviction Pause Ends,” Sept. 4) . There are thousands of families in New York and millions in America struggling with the affordable housing crisis, forced to choose between paying for food, rent, gas and other necessities. The expanded child tax credit has lifted millions of families out of poverty. Although this refundable tax credit has yet to be renewed, it is a proven example of how to provide immediate relief to families. A refundable tax credit for renters modeled on the Child Tax Credit could ensure that families pay affordable rent and not be evicted or inflate the growing tide of homelessness. As the election approaches, let’s vote for the candidates who support both the renewal of the child tax credit and the introduction of a new tax credit for renters. Willie Dickerson

East Meadow, LI: To Voicer Manny Agostini: Despite the messy ramblings of Tucker Carlson and Fox News pundits, Cleotha Abston, who murdered Eliza Fletcher, was tried, found guilty, sentenced, then released from prison early, all in Tennessee, a Republican-run state. It’s ridiculous that you blame Democrats for being free to commit murder. I half expect you to blame Hunter Biden’s laptop next. Richard Skibins

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