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Quad Vets, the accommodation program for homeless veterans, caught the attention of Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser in an effort to foot the bill on his building.

Operations manager Sidney Woods said Nungesser had heard of volunteers from Team Rubicon helping clean up and repair the Quad Vets property west of Hammond after Hurricane Ida.

On a phone call, Nungesser talked about visiting Quad Vets “and one thing led to another,” Woods said, “and he asked me if there was one thing we needed, what? would she be “.

“I told him that our building would be reimbursed would be great,” said Woods. “The grant we received from the government pays the interest on the loan, but we are responsible in principle. “

Through various fundraisers, the Quad Vets program has reduced the amount from $ 800,000 to just over $ 400, he said.

On the recent visit, Nungesser brought seafood dinners for everyone and offered to make a video about the Quad Vets cause. The video will be posted on social media.

Woods said 100 percent of all donations go to veterans.

Paying for the building will ensure homeless veterans have a safe and secure place to go without worries, he said.

“I’m not begging anyone,” he said. “If anyone feels compelled to donate to care for our homeless veterans, go to quadvets.org and look for the Donate button.”

Woods couldn’t say enough about the veterans who volunteered with Team Rubicon and saved the program a tremendous amount of money by clearing fallen trees on the property.

“They thanked me all the time for what we do, and we thank them for what they did for us,” he said. “They’ve done all of this work and saved us a ton of money because they enjoy what we’re doing.”

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