Profile of Harold A. Agyeman, Ambassador of Ghana to the United Nations

Harold A. Agyeman presented his letter of credentials last Friday as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ghana to the United Nations.

Prior to his last appointment, Ambassador Agyeman was Director of Administration at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration where he served between 2019 and 2021.

He previously served as Director of the African and Regional Integration Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration between 2018 and 2019.

He had also served as Director of the Staff Training and Development Unit in the Office of Administration between 2012-2014, in addition to other foreign service official duties in the Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Office of International Organizations and Conferences, Office of Policy Planning and Research, and Office of Finance and Accounts of the Ministry.

Harold’s diplomatic career spanned more than two decades and included missions to (a) the Permanent Mission of Ghana to the United Nations in New York, 2000 – 2004; b) Ghana High Commission in India, 2008-2011; and the Embassy of Ghana in Benin, 2014-2018. In New Delhi and Cotonou, he extended his terms as acting high commissioner and Business manager respectively.

Ambassador Agyeman holds a Graduate Diploma in International Affairs from the Legon Center for International Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Philosophy from the University of Ghana.

He has also participated in several short training courses in diplomacy, peace and security, arbitration, regional trade facilitation, financial transaction negotiation and financial market development and regulation.

Ambassador Agyeman is the author of the book, “Diplomatic Protocol: A Guide for Ghanaian Diplomats and Senior Officials“.

He enjoys reading, swimming and playing golf in his spare time. He is married to Rama Duse-Agyeman and he has three sons.

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