Post-Brexit Gibraltar treaty delayed despite push from Spain

Post-Brexit Gibraltar Treaty delayed despite push from Spain. image: Wikipedia

Post-Brexit Gibraltar treaty delayed despite a push in Spanish government procedures.

The UK’s Brexit intentions were made public five years ago, which also marked Gibraltar’s desire to leave the European Union (EU). However, after all this time, the region is still waiting for an international treaty that will ensure shared prosperity on both sides of the border.

Spain’s new Foreign Minister José Manuel Albares has said he sees the issue “as a priority”, but there is still no evidence of when the negotiation of this long-awaited agreement will begin. Numerous delays mean Gibrexit is now stuck in technical talks between the other 27 countries that make up the bloc.

Nine months after the exit from the Rock came into force, Gibraltar has once again assumed the role of collateral victim of tensions between the UK and the EU.

When then Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya announced on New Year’s Eve 2020 that she had reached an agreement in principle with the British government that would be the basis for a future Treaty on the Rock, she estimated that it could materialize in six months. .

In an attempt to speed up a process, Albares asked the Brussels Eurocrats to speed up the negotiations.

During a recent meeting with Anže Logar, his Slovenian counterpart (Slovakia currently holds the six-monthly rotating presidency of the Council), the Spanish Foreign Minister asked him to hurry to resolve the internal talks which currently do not allow representatives from the Europe Commission and the UK sit down to talk about Gibraltar.

“I expressed to my colleague my wish that the Presidency press for the approval of the mandate to negotiate an agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom on Gibraltar, so that it is adopted as quickly as possible”, declared Albares.

On July 20, a month after Spain believed the agreements would work, the College of Commissioners adopted a proposal for negotiating directives for a possible EU-UK deal on Gibraltar.

On December 24, the 27 countries of the bloc and the United Kingdom reached a compromise on the agreements that govern relations between the two parties after Brexit. In accordance with Spain’s request, the territory of Gibraltar was outside the scope of these agreements and the EU has confirmed that any future agreement with the UK government regarding the Rock would require the prior consent of the Spanish executive. .

On Boris’ government reshuffle, Chief Minister of the Rock, Fabián Picardo, wrote:

“It has been a real pleasure to work with Dominic during his tenure as Minister of Foreign Affairs. He has been a real support for Gibraltar and our position in the negotiations leading up to the New Year’s deal and on all matters related to Brexit.

“He has also been crucial support in the face of COVID, working on the provision of life-saving vaccines and securing the £ 500million loan. I wanted to express all the gratitude of the people and the Government of Gibraltar for their work in partnership with us.

In addition, I thanked Liz for her support to date as Secretary of International Trade, who is already in the process of concluding trade deals for Gibraltar, and look forward to continuing to work with her to negotiate the UK / EU treaty on Gibraltar’s future relationship with the EU I’m sure we will work well together.

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