No deficit in electricity production capacity in the country, declares Union Minister | India News

PUDUCHERRY: There is no shortage of power generation capacity in India, said Minister of New and Renewable Energy RK Singh. The installed generation capacity is 384 GW while peak demand so far has been around 200 GW, he said.
While giving a written answer to the Parliament to the questions posed by the deputy of Villupuram D Ravikumar, the minister declared that the ministry had developed a national network in priority for an optimal use of the unequally distributed resources as well as to facilitate the transfer of energy. from surplus to deficit. regions across the country.
“During the process, five regional grids, namely the eastern region, the northeast region, the western region, the northern region and the southern region were integrated through high voltage direct current interregional links. ‘Integration of regional grids has resulted in the formation of a nation-one Grid 1 frequency. The inter-regional transfer capacity now stands at 1.05 lakh MW, “Singh said.
He said electricity tariffs for consumers vary from state to state as the respective state commissions set the tariffs based on various factors such as the cost of purchasing electricity, Overall technical and commercial losses, operating and maintenance expenses and the composition of consumers which also differ from state to state.
“Electricity is a competing subject. The supply and distribution of electricity to various categories of consumers in a state is carried out by the state government / electric utility. The central government complements the efforts of the state governments by establishing power plants in the central sector by public sector enterprises and allocating electricity to the different states / TUs to meet their respective electricity needs and by constructing power lines. interstate transmission to transfer electricity from one part of the country to another, ”Singh said while describing the ministry’s efforts to increase energy production.
Regarding the measures taken by the ministry to implement a single tariff policy, the minister said that the central government has notified a tariff policy establishing general guidelines for the central commission and state commissions to set the tariff.

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