Network Access Control Market Trends 2022

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The global network access control market size is expected to witness massive growth over the forecast period as governments around the world seek advanced monitoring solutions for network infrastructures. In order to meet the demands for advanced security solutions, industry players have entered into mergers, acquisitions and partnerships. To mitigate the growing risk of cyberattacks worldwide, the increase in cloud and on-premises deployment of NAC solutions will drive the following nine trends:

Adoption of Onboarding Services in North America

In 2021, the services segment represented more than 20% of the North America network access control market share, due to the continuous evolution of network requirements. With the region’s education industry receiving private and public funding, CNA vendors have served the integration, maintenance, and consulting needs of these organizations. Several government agencies in Canada have deployed best-in-class integration services for smoother functional testing and installation of software and hardware systems.

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Real-time solutions offered by on-premises deployment

By 2028, the network access control market share in North America of the on-premises model will have exceeded approximately $6.5 billion. Since this model involves greater control over network monitoring compared to the cloud model, IT staff were able to configure the systems according to their operational goals. With several market players introducing new solutions, real-time monitoring features will meet the changing needs of new customers.

The U.S. government will improve adoption of products and services

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in the United States have strengthened their data protection strategies to avoid further operational disruptions. The market share of the United States is growing at a steady rate and is expected to surpass $8 billion by 2028. Regional businesses and government agencies have been fueling product usage, driven by higher penetration of IoT, unified communications (UC), mobility and cloud technologies.

Industry 4.0 is accelerating in Asia-Pacific

As Industry 4.0 continuously attracts the attention of investors, traditional facilities are being replaced by smart factories at a faster rate. The availability of high-speed networks has ensured that IoT-connected devices are becoming commonplace in these factories of the future. The APAC network access control market share of manufacturing applications will increase owing to the growing vulnerability to cyberattacks.

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Rising Incidence of Cyber ​​Threats in India

By 2028, the Indian market size is expected to reach $1 billion. More and more companies have discovered flaws in their IT infrastructure to prevent fraud and loss. According to the recent Cyber ​​Safety Pulse report published by Norton, the country recorded more than 18 million cyber threats and attacks, with around 200,000 threats per day during the first quarter of 2022. The regional BFSI sector is showing a growing interest in these solutions since the pandemic.

Increasing Migration to Software Networks in APAC

In 2021, the software segment generated around 30% of the Network Access Control (NAC) Industry in Asia Pacific. Rising volumes of investment in virtual network security solutions have enabled product penetration. More and more small and medium enterprises as well as startups have migrated to software-based networks in order to manage network security risks more effectively.

Web apps for retail are gaining popularity in Europe

Over the next few years, the network access control (NAC) market share in Europe from retail applications will continuously increase owing to the growing preference for web services. As NAC improves the customer experience through the implementation of security measures such as multi-factor authentication, user monitoring and authorization, it will be increasingly adopted on e-commerce platforms. . Several NAC solution providers have focused on the needs of the retail industry to gain a stronger foothold in the regional market.

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Flexible working policies across the UK

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, several businesses in the UK have pursued the work-from-home model to facilitate remote and flexible working hours for employees. The new setup has witnessed an alarming increase in cybersecurity threats across the country. According to the 2022 Regional Government Cyber ​​Security Breaches Survey, nearly 55% of corporate staff as well as more than 66% of non-profit organization employees have adopted the BYOD trend, as of March 2022.

More telecoms partner with tech companies

European industry size is poised to grow at a commendable pace over the next five years as IT and telecommunications companies integrate endpoints into their enterprise network architecture. With the skyrocketing consumption of online video and audio content, the pressure to improve the customer experience has driven these companies to form strategic alliances with regional market players. The improved scalability offered by the new packages attracted customers looking to expand their cybersecurity.

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