Multi-Year Work Plan for Free and Open Trade, Investments to be Discussed at Third APEC Senior Officials Meeting in Chiang Mai

The CTI will also discuss the FTAAP’s capacity building programs, aimed at bridging the gap between APEC member economies at different stages of development. CTI experts will plan a series of work programs to exchange knowledge, best practices and experiences among APEC members on important topics related to the advancement of regional economic integration, such as related to labor in FTAs/RCAs, solid waste trade regulation for economic sustainability, promoting MSME engagement in e-commerce on regulatory procedures for low value shipments.

The sharing of knowledge and experiences is an essential mechanism for APEC to fulfill its role as an incubator of ideas conducive to sound economic policy options. In SOM3, many APEC sub-forums will hold workshops and dialogues for key stakeholders such as the business sector, academia and international organizations to discuss various topics critical to promoting a recovery. sustainable and inclusive economy. For example, last week, the APEC Investment Experts Group hosted a workshop on government strategies to attract green FDI and promote sustainable infrastructure. This week, the APEC Services Group will host a dialogue on women and services to promote inclusivity in this sector. It will also host a private-public dialogue on logistics services to exchange on the challenges faced by companies operating in this sector, including express delivery, maritime transport, air transport and port operations. These workshops and dialogues provide insight into the first-hand experiences of the private sector, enabling APEC policymakers to respond to their real needs and effectively address their challenges.

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