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It’s the unofficial last weekend of summer, so you should probably be enjoying a barbecue or lounging on a beach rather than surfing the internet – but maybe you’re at a barbecue and your uncle excitable fumes in a disagreeable way. Then you are welcome for this educational excuse to take a break. Here is the latest news on what’s happening in the mortgage and real estate world.

1. What to expect from mortgage rates this month

Rates have been going down for a few weeks, but this trend should reverse in the coming weeks and interest should be higher by the end of the year. This means this month is a great time to take advantage of low rates and refinance if you still haven’t. Otherwise, you’ll likely be stuck in a higher-than-necessary mortgage rate for years to come.

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2. For now, however, rates remain low

In the most recent Bankrate Weekly Survey, the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed loan fell for the third week in a row, standing just above 3%. As mentioned above, this means that now is the perfect time to consider refinancing. These low rates will inevitably evaporate.

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3. Pay your mortgage with digital currency

One of the country’s largest mortgage lenders plans to let customers make their monthly payments using Bitcoin by the end of the year. United Wholesale Mortgage said the move would give its customers more flexibility to make their payments, but experts warn that Bitcoin’s volatile values ​​could make the option unattractive, if not overly complicated, for most borrowers.

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4. The best mortgage lenders this month

If you’re looking to refinance in the next few weeks, Bankrate offers some recommendations on how to go. Keep in mind that the major lenders this month all require payments in traditional currency. Check out our rankings for the pros and cons and to help you get started shopping.

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5. Everything You Need To Know About Home Equity Loans And Taxes

The short version is this: In many cases, the interest on a home loan is tax deductible. It is a great advantage to mine the value of your property because it means that you can get some of that value back as part of your tax return. Check out the full guide to find out how home equity loan tax deductions work.

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