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Featured: June 29, 2022

Crypto Hedge Fund Capital of the Three Arrows put into liquidation

– Worries about the housing market growing up as more financial experts predict a recession is on the horizon.

Sharp declines on Wall Street Tuesday after the poor consumer confidence report

Dow Jones (-1.56%), S&P500 (-2.01%) and Nasdaq (-2.98%)

You’re here Autopilot desktop flaps and lays off 200 hourly workers contrary to what Elon Musk previously said to cut costs

Bitcoin is on its way to a historically low monthly closebelow its 200-week moving average

– The EU considers total shutdown of Russian gas pipelines to Europe, which could affect world prices

Average gas price in the United States $4.87 on Tuesday– where in the country is it the most expensive?

– Companies like Netflix, Meta, Apple and Nike offer travel expenses for employee abortion expenses

— Biden administration agrees to forgive $6 billion in student loan debt for 200,000 borrowers

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– What is ‘shrinkflation’?

– Investment strategies in cryptocurrency

– When will mortgage interest rates go down?

– How does COLA affect my Social Security retirement benefits?

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