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ALAMEDA, CALIF., United States, May 27, 2021 / – Fresh Home Loan, a team of expert mortgage brokers helping people finance their dream home and secure their future, announced today hui that she had started her new business. The new business works for people, not banks, “Independent Mortgage Brokers Who Work for People” â„¢ is the motto and being a wholesale retailer they are able to offer people better prices and more. ‘options than most major banks. Having said that, they have great relationships with several lenders to offer a variety of home loans.

Fresh Home Loan offers a wide range of financing options designed to meet the needs of the client. The team can help you with withdrawals and get better rates and terms. Fresh Home Loan can help secure the best rates and terms on new purchases and refinancing and educate customers on the options available in the market to ensure the most competitive market prices.

Garrick Werdmuller, President and CEO of Fresh Home Loan, is a seasoned mortgage loan officer with over 20 years of experience. Prior to becoming a mortgage loan officer, Garrick was a deputy head in the San Francisco hotel scene. As a mortgage broker, Werdmuller values ​​the trust his clients place in him to help them acquire or refinance their mortgage. He uses his in-depth knowledge of the industry to educate his clients on the best loan options available to them and guide them on what to consider when acquiring a mortgage.

Werdmuller’s passion for serving people and his willingness to go the extra mile to ensure buyers acquire their dream home has distinguished him as a tremendous industry leader and the ideal mortgage broker with who to work. His book Home Buying and a Global Pandemic was published in May and is a strategic guide to buying a home that is rich in knowledge about the sudden and shocking changes in lending and real estate.

“Our expert team of independent mortgage brokers have been navigating the complex California market for years, serving hundreds of people who get loans, get approved to buy a home, or refinance mortgages. on properties already in possession, ”said Werdmuller. The real estate market in

California is seeing increased activity as interest in buying a home rebounds in the wake of the COVID pandemic.
Fresh Home Loan operates in the San Francisco Bay Area – Oakland Alameda, Berkeley Castro Valley and Pleasanton.
“We know the unique local market like the back of our hand. We help local people looking to buy property by leveraging our insider knowledge and industry expertise and we continually strive to treat every client and every transaction as our own, ”said Werdmuller.

Customer Leslie V. said, “Garrick is the best! I feel so lucky to have used Garrick on our recent refi. He made the whole experience super easy for me. We played on the phone for almost a month, and with my husband and I working full time and traveling a lot, we’re very hard to pin down. But he did, and he quickly got us an amazing price and even brought his team to our house to get us to sign the information quickly and easily.

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