Interview with Nirmal Kumar Manoharan, Regional Sales Manager, ManageEngine

What is driving your business growth in the Middle East region?

The Middle East has made continuous efforts to improve the digital transformation ecosystem. In my opinion, this has always been our main driver of growth in the region. Another factor would be the ever-growing value proposition through our enhanced product offerings that can support all IT requirements for organizations of all sizes and in all industries.

What are your key markets in the region and how do you plan to expand your presence?

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the main markets for our products; however, we consider all markets in the region to be of equal importance. At ManageEngine, we work intensively through our set of committed partners and complement their efforts by improving their skills through constant training and engagement. Over the years, we have seen our partners grow steadily, both in their business activities and in their recruiting activities. This has always been our expansion strategy and will continue to be.

What are you presenting at GITEX Global this year? What demand do you see for your solutions in the region?

We take this opportunity to present our full range of IT management solutions for the GCC market, a portfolio of over 40 products, ranging from IT service management, operations management, active directory management, IT security , analytics, endpoint management, and more. With the region experiencing a significant increase in demand for cloud computing, we are here to help businesses and government agencies manage their IT from the cloud with our IT management and security solutions hosted on the Zoho platform.

We are always looking forward to announcing important business and product developments at GITEX Global for maximum reach in the region. This year, we intend to announce updates to key functionality and compliance within our IT security portfolio. In addition, we will also be launching an endpoint data loss prevention solution and a companion product for ransomware detection within our unified endpoint management solution – Desktop Central.

What sets ManageEngine apart from others?

Our comprehensive suite of over 90 free products and tools provide trusted solutions to help organizations secure, control, and manage their IT ecosystem. Businesses, banks, financial institutions and educational institutions in the Middle East are always on the lookout for software solutions that can improve productivity, reduce costs, enhance security, ensure reliability and to offer better service to their customers. ManageEngine brings these benefits with a wide range of affordable solutions that deliver a seamless user experience with contextual integration that will remove many barriers to technological transformation within enterprises.

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