Inflation costs push 4th of July party planners to save when shopping

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. – If you’ve been shopping for your 4th of July parties, you’ve probably noticed that you’re spending more money than last year.

There are several reasons for these drastic increases. Rising fuel prices, rising commodity prices due to the war in Ukraine and bad weather have all impacted food supplies and driven up prices

News4JAX spoke to Jacksonville residents about how much they spent on their parties this year.

Most people told us that they discount certain items because of their high price.

Kimberly Hale was throwing a 4th of July party, but noticed her grocery bill was sky high.

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“My four bags are $150,” Hale said. “I bought corn on the cob, butter and graham crackers.”

In the four weeks ending June 12, the price of a Hot dog packages jumped about 17% from a year ago, according to market research firm IRI, which tracks total U.S. multi-point retail sales in the United States. US supermarkets, big box retailers, convenience stores and other locations.

Over the same period, ketchup prices climbed 21%, ground beef prices increased 11%, and hamburgers and hot dog buns jumped nearly 13%.

Hale said she no longer buys meat for this reason.

“I don’t buy any meat. I make cool stuff with beans instead. Hale said.

Hale considered buying chicken thighs, but quickly changed her mind after seeing them for $12.99.

Other grill items have also increased in cost. Frozen meat excluding poultry rose 16%, frozen sausages rose nearly 27%, and lettuce prices rose about 13%. Mustard also got about 13% more expensive.

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Beer, on the other hand, was only up about 4%. That’s a godsend, considering that the personal consumption expenditure price index, a key indicator of inflation, rose 6.3% for the year ended May.

According to the Consumer Price Index, groceries were about 12% more expensive in the year ending May, the largest year-over-year increase since 1979.

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