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Melissa Ruble (pictured) closed $ 29.7 million in 2020. That might not sound like much, but it’s for the small town of Picayune, Mississippi, where the population is around 55,000 and the average price is a house is around $ 160,000. She took out about 180 loans averaging $ 175,000 last year. His motivation: the inhabitants of Picayune.

“What I love about my career is being able to help people. It’s nice to see that quantified, like when I moved from a big city to Picayune, the community where I grew up and was able to grow my business through my previous connections, ”said Ruble. “I am delighted to be working closely with my community and plan to continue helping people in the same way over the years. I am very happy and grateful for what I am doing.

Working in this environment, Ruble emphasizes the value of relationships and trust.

“It’s important to market your sphere of influence first. Once those around you know what you are doing, you have a chance to be in front of them, ”she said. “Getting this opportunity is essential, however. Promoting yourself increases your visibility, whether it’s getting involved in community events, joining organizations, serving on the board of directors or visiting open houses.

One of the biggest lessons Ruble has learned in his 14-year mortgage career is that it’s easier to generate business from people who already know you. Then it’s about having a great operations team to get the loans moving through the pipeline to the closing table on time. “In a booming real estate market, reliability is paramount,” she said.

Ruble’s mortgage career began in 2007 when she transitioned from real estate agent to junior loan officer at Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. She has always been interested in mortgages and wanted to gain a more in-depth understanding of the business. Currently, Ruble is Retail Branch Manager at Planet Home Lending in Picayune. She has been running the purchasing-focused business for almost three years now and has built a team that includes three loan assistants and a junior loan officer. With his team, Ruble aims to end the year with 225 units and $ 40 million under his belt.

Her goal is not that far off as Ruble always works hard to be available to her customers and provide the highest level of customer service. But in the end, she is only human. Ruble admits that she struggles to balance work and private life.

“My phone is still ringing and I am constantly receiving text messages as I work to resolve outstanding loan issues. Last year I worked too hard to try to please everyone at all times of the day. Since my husband passed away earlier this year, I have established my schedule to have time to take care of myself. There is never enough of me to go around, ”she said.

Ruble learns to manage his time by balancing his work and personal life. She knows that when she feels good and healthy, it reflects on her relationships with her clients.

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