Federal Government Focuses on Purchase of “Shady” Roger Stone Condo

Veteran Republican Agent Roger Stone is in the Justice Department’s sights again, this time after a questionable mortgage deal that is the centerpiece of an ongoing civil case that alleges he owes millions of dollars. back taxes.

The government’s complaint sets out a complicated pattern. He describes the purchase of the condo as an obvious act of fraud and claims the right to seize the property. Basically, prosecutors say, Stone and his wife Nydia used $ 140,000 from a private company they already owned (Drake Ventures) for a down payment on a condo, ”The Daily Beast reported Friday. $ 400,000 was a mortgage lender. ”

The lender who gave Stone the loan in question spoke to the outlet and said he had been misled, adding that he “Probably would not have granted the loan if he had known the whole situation.”

Former IRS criminal investigator Martin Sheil questioned the idea that any lender could ignore Stone’s important legal issues, let alone miss them altogether when looking for a potential deal.

“For this transaction, I would use the term ‘shady’. I don’t know why someone would lend them money,” Sheil said. “The ignorance runs deep, and I hardly can believe what you are telling me.”

A lawyer representing Stone responded to the news, arguing that “nothing improper “happened. After the Beast story was published, the self-proclaimed” dirty trickster “targeted Roger Sollenberger, the Daily Beast reporter who wrote the original article.

“The trail of vilification of The Daily Beast’s enemies continues. There was nothing inappropriate or illegal about my wife’s down payment on a small condominium where she could live if I was taken to jail. , Roger Sollenberger attacks woman battling stage four cancer, “Stone wrote on the far-right social media site Gab.” Too many outrageous lies in this article to be discussed here, “he added. , without citing a single one of these lies.

Stone did not return a request for comment to the Salon.

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