EXCLUSIVE: Uganda and Rwanda resume talks

Uganda and Rwanda have resumed high-level talks after a 3-year stalemate, body of chimpanzees report exclusively.

Relations between the two brotherly countries collapsed in 2017 due to alleged mutual support from rebel and dissident groups in the region.

Rwanda has accused Uganda of helping dissidents determined to oust President Paul Kagame from power by force of arms. These included the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) led by dissident Rwandan General Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Kigali further blamed Kampala for the illegal arrest and detention of Rwandans in Uganda, saying innocent civilians were being held incommunicado by Ugandan military intelligence.

On the other hand, Kampala accused Kigali of acts of aggressive espionage; creation of cells to destabilize the government of President Museveni; supporting local opposition parties and quietly backing Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) terrorists in DR Congo.

As tension grew between the two countries, President Kagame decided to close the common border, preventing Ugandan goods and Rwandans from reaching Uganda.

The escalation of the Cold War not only affected people-to-people relations on both sides, but undermined bilateral trade which had hit a record high of $200 million.

ChimpReports has now learned that senior Ugandan and Rwandan officials are holding commitments at the highest level to revive the stalled talks.

Officials said the new effort aims to “defuse the risks of a conventional conflict” that would have “disastrous effects on both sides.”

This development follows Lt. Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s tweet warning Ugandans against “fighting” President Kagame.

“It’s my uncle, Afande Paul Kagame,” Muhoozi said in a rare tweet praising Kagame on Sunday.

“Those who fight him are fighting my family. They should all be careful,” he added.

Kagame has yet to respond to Muhoozi’s Tweet.

Officials said Muhoozi, who also serves as senior presidential adviser on special operations, is a “peacemaker” who wants to end the unpleasant past and “create new momentum for a new and prosperous future for both.” country”.

The credible source added, “He (Muhoozi) is taking courageous steps to revitalize the broken bilateral relationship and we should see his efforts in that light.”

This investigative site understands that Uganda and Rwanda will soon appoint negotiators to resume talks in the coming days, nearly three months after their collapse.

Ugandan officials believe a show of friendship by members of Museveni’s family could break the deadlock in the talks, underscoring faith in the power of personal diplomacy.

Museveni also wants a resolution to the long-running dispute, seeing it as a signature piece of the legacy he hopes to forge and a potential boost to his regional integration campaign.


Muhoozi’s tweet about Rwanda drew mixed reactions from extremists saying it would demoralize security officers assigned to deal with the Rwandan threat and send shockwaves through the Rwandan refugee community living in Uganda.

Sulah Nuwamanya, a critic of President Kagame, observed: “It is your so-called uncle who is fighting your family and not those who are defending their country against Kagame’s terrorist activities of kidnapping, killing and illegally repatriating refugees and asylum seekers.

Ronald Aruho took to Twitter to express his dismay: “With all due respect, General, as long as he harbors bad intentions for our country, its leaders and citizens, pays bots to vilify and slander our people, recruit spies and finance rebel groups to destabilize Uganda, kill our innocent civilians in our own land, we will fight it.

Liberals said Muhoozi’s Tweet was a step in the right direction as restoring bilateral relations would encourage the movement of people to meet and interact with loved ones between the two countries.

Several Rwandans welcomed Muhoozi’s gesture.

A certain Munyakazi Sadat replied: “Thank you, your uncle Kagame, he is like a Father for many Rwandans as I wrote to you in the previous message, we want unity and peace because we are brothers. Kampala is my second home, unfortunately it’s been 4 years without coming. Make an effort to make the bad times end.

A certain Kwiza kwiza reacted to Muhoozi’s tweet: “Thank you Greatest Gen @mkainerugaba for being a great leader who aims to promote peace and unity. Uganda and Rwanda have a strong brotherhood that no one can destroy.

Evarist Magara added: “Thank you afande MK for this positivity. But I can’t connect the dots when I see that the Katuna border is still closed, among other things, while the brothers and sisters on each side continue to suffer; What is the real problem?”

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