Ethos Asset Management Inc., USA, announces an agreement with Ecom Mortgage, Inc., to expand its core mortgage and banking brokerage business by increasing its assets under management

The partnership provides long-term financing to Ecom Mortgage, already established in the industry as a full-service direct mortgage lender with an exceptional team offering expertise in all areas of mortgage lending, from purchase to refinance. through building loans.

SAN DIEGO, May 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ETHOS ASSET MANAGEMENT INC UNITED STATESin cooperation with Attributed Holdings International, announced a new long-term financing partnership with Ecom Mortgage, Inc., a California mortgage lender with access to a full range of mortgage programs offering borrowers the best rates, terms and lowest costs. Ecom offers personal loans in California. Ethos, a private project funder based in San Diego, Californiawith global operations, is committed to providing significant capital, which will continue for several years.

carlos santosCEO of Ethos Asset Management, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Ecom Mortgage in our home state, California. We were impressed with customer satisfaction and confidence in Ecom Mortgage, which was a key variable in our decision to invest. Ecom Mortgage sets high standards and adheres to those standards in every instance. They are transparent, in every transaction and in all of their operations, placing customer service, of the highest standards, as a priority. This was evident when we first met Founder, President and CEO, Mr. William Chen, whose mission is to offer owners and future owners a variety of real estate financing options at competitive rates; meet their needs in a way that improves their standard of living in achieving the American Dream. This commitment permeates the entire company, which made us decide that we wanted Ecom Mortgage as a long-term partner of Ethos.”

M William ChenFounder, President and CEO, Ecom Mortgage, Inc., declared,

“We are very honored to have Ethos Asset Management as a long-term funding partner who can provide profitable capital to propel our future growth. Mr. Santos and his management team have been instrumental in guiding us through the process of delivering this innovative and flexible financing program with Ethos.We believe that the continued injection of capital from Ethos will enable us to expand our proven business by providing the full range of lending services to more customers.

About Ethos Asset Management, Inc:

Ethos Asset Management (Ethos) is an independent US-based company with a global reach in resource mobilization and project financing. Providing financing to government and private projects on all continents and all sectors, Ethos has developed a unique risk modulation model that allows them to provide financing on terms that are not available anywhere in traditional financial markets. In addition, Ethos provides advice on structuring projects and restructuring debt. Ethos supports and develops its clients to achieve their long-term goals with confidence.

You can hear from carlos santosCEO of Ethos, London where he is a guest speaker and panelist at Leaders Without Borders and Internationally Honored Leadership Summit, the #1 gathering of top professionals from around the world, at DRAPER’S HALL, THROGMORTON AVENUE, LONDON, UKon May 30 and 31 2022.

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On Ecom Mortgage, Inc.:

Ecom Mortgage, Inc. is an approved lender in California which provides comprehensive direct lending services in all areas of mortgage lending, from purchase to refinance to construction lending. Ecom seeks to create excellence by providing insightful, prudent and expert lending services to each of its clients. Ecom offers access to a full range of mortgage programs as well as non-preferential business loans and bridge loans. All of Ecom’s loan specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan – with the best rates, terms, and lowest costs – to meet their clients’ unique needs.

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