Costa Rica begins the negotiation process to join the Pacific Alliance:

Costa Rican President Rodrigo Chaves announced on July 8 that Costa Rica would officially launch the negotiation process for the country’s incorporation into the Pacific Alliance. The Pacific Alliance is a regional integration initiative made up of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru and was created in 2011.

The President instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Arnoldo André, and the Minister of Foreign Trade, Manuel Tovar, to formally request the launch of the required works through the Pro-Tempore Presidency (PPT) of the Alliance , which Mexico currently holds. .

Costa Rica has been an observer candidate state since 2012 and has closely followed the work of the bloc, which offers a modern approach to Latin American regional integration.

In addition, the Pacific Alliance includes different areas of work that are innovative and relevant to capacity building in member countries, enabling greater use of trade and investment opportunities.

“What we want is to generate investment capacity to create well-paid jobs in the formal sector for the population; and, on the other hand, we want to lower the cost of living for Costa Ricans because money is hard to earn and we have to make it affordable,” President Chaves said.

Foreign Trade Minister Manuel Tovar stressed the importance of deepening regional integration.

“There is no doubt that one of the outstanding issues in Latin America is to build a robust and modern regional integration system. We understand that the Pacific Alliance is an innovative and powerful regional integration model capable of boosting the economy, creating jobs, increasing exports, encouraging investment attraction and fostering cooperation with four major Latin American economies,” he added.

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship highlighted the value of the benefits of the Pacific Alliance beyond the commercial sphere.

“A particularity that distinguishes the Pacific Alliance is the structured and continuous work it deploys in several key areas. These include culture, education and cooperation. For this reason, we are excited to work on a project that offers great opportunities for Costa Rica.

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