Commodity prices out of control

Sellers blame shortage of supply for rising prices

Retail prices for basic necessities have spiraled out of control in the capital’s kitchen markets, even though the Covid-19 lockdown is not in effect, causing suffering for low and middle income people.

Onion and broiler chicken became more expensive compared to last week, with sellers blaming lower supply on higher prices.

Broiler chicken was sold at 175-180 Tk per kg on Friday, while Sonali chicken at 320-340 Tk per kg.

The prices of local and imported onions have been increased by 35-40 Tk per kg and are now sold between 75 and 80 Tk per kg.

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According to the latest report released Thursday by the government marketing agency Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB), the retail price of domestic onions has increased by about 58% in one month.

During this time, the price of potatoes has remained as low as 25 Tk per kg.

Tanvir Ahmed, a private bank official who visited the Karwan Bazar wholesale market, said the authorities should control the market now as the prices of most products are spiraling out of control.

Meanwhile, although winter vegetables have hit the market, prices have remained high.

Radishes are sold between 50 and 70 Tk while small cauliflowers and cabbages are sold between 30 and 50 Tk.

At the same time, the prices of carrots have increased and are selling for 100-160 Tk per kg.

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On the other hand, eggplants were sold at 40-50 Tk per kg, while snake gourd (chichinga) at 50 to 60 Tk, lady’s finger at 40 to 60 Tk, Luffa (jhinga) at 40-50 Tk , while bitter gourd (korola) at 60 Tk -80 per kg.

Another buyer, Azizul Islam, said soaring commodity prices make the survival of commoners impossible.

He also demanded that the prices of rice and other basic necessities be lowered by taking action against the hoarders.

The flour, which was sold at 35 Tk per kg last week, is now sold at 42 Tk per kg.

The price of local and imported garlic varied from Tk 60 to Tk 150 per kg.

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