Loan Principle

Jim’s Mortgage Corner | Immovable

CONTINUE TO RENT OR SHOULD YOU BUY? This is one of my favorite questions because home ownership has so many benefits. While homeowners are happy that you rent out their home, you are essentially making the payments for them and helping them increase their equity, which you could do with …

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The Maine Millennial: New Love on the Road

You guys, I’m in love. She’s cool and gorgeous, and unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It’s a bright blue 2017 Hyundai Elantra. I called her “Electra”. It is not an electric car; I just thought “Electra the Elantra” would be catchy. It’s a used car, but with only 46,000 miles, …

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Race-based financial rewards, unfair loan forgiveness for all

The Biden administration, and Democrats in general, like to do racial equality, inclusiveness, and all that sort of thing. They systematically condemn racism on the surface, but violate this principle in practice. Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture of the Biden administration launched a program that offers loan forgiveness …

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