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Dr. Abba Aminu Kano is the son of veteran politician and People’s Redemption Party (PRP) First Republic presidential candidate, Mallam Aminu Kano.

In this interview with OBIRE ONAKEMU, Abba who is the President of Mallam Aminu Kano International Foundation and President of Zeefass Aviation Services talks about the state of the nation and the political situation in Kano ahead of the 2023 elections.

What is your overall assessment of the governance of Kano State and the country in general?
GENERALLY talking about both Kano State and the country as a whole, I will say the situation is the same. Indeed, the performance is below average in terms of the expectations of the electorate, in particular the fight against the deterioration of infrastructure, the fight against corruption and social injustice, the guarantee of the security of persons and property , etc.

The Kano State Assembly recently approved a $10 billion loan request by the administration headed by Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje. What is your opinion on this?

If the loan is to be used for the mentioned purpose i.e. providing improved CCTV cameras in Kano metropolis, it is viable as it will go a long way in controlling the deteriorating security situation in the city.
What qualities do you expect from the next President of Nigeria and Governor of Kano State?
As mentioned earlier, the situation at the two levels of government is quite similar, so the qualities expected of the governor are always the same for the president. They should be people who will lead by example, honest, selfless, courageous, dedicated to their duties, patriotic and believe in fairness, equity and justice. They should also be people who will champion the cause of the oppressed in society.

How confident are you that the All Progressives Congress (APC) will retain Kano State in 2023?
The APC in Kano has an advantage and the possibility of retaining Kano because the incumbent is from the party. The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is experiencing an internal crisis over the party leadership and primary elections, all of which are disputed. This will really diminish the chances of the PDP at the polls in Kano State. Moreover, for the NNPP, the party is new to the people and some supporters of Dr. Rabiu Kwankwaso chose to stay in the PDP rather than move with him to the NNPP. These will literally split the vote for the PDP and the NNPP.

Is it necessary to sit down and replan Nigeria ahead of the 2023 general election?
Of course, there is a need. This is because we have seen how many things have gone wrong that need to be remedied immediately. For example, the marginalization of certain parts of the country, lopsided and unbalanced federal appointments, and social injustice must be addressed. It is important to sit down and address these issues before you go to the polls.

Do you have any fears about Nigeria’s unity and existence as a country?
Yes. In reality, there is fear, unless we are not honest with ourselves. There has never been a time in our nation where we are polarized as evidenced by today. The degree of religious intolerance is worrying, as well as the north/south dichotomy. These, for sure, represent a great danger for our entity and our existence.

Do you think the federal government is doing enough to end insecurity in the country?
It is a well-known fact that the security situation in the country has never been worse than it is today, so there is definitely something wrong with the way security issues are handled. The government must assume its responsibility to provide adequate security and to protect the life and property of the population.

What do you think of the obvious monetization of the Nigerian electoral process?
It is quite unfortunate that the political class has made money a fundamental condition of political relevance. Voters no longer have a choice. Credible individuals were barred from participating due to the challenge of having limited resources to fund their campaigns.

Do you see the political class making deliberate efforts to undermine the integrity of our elections?
I am of the opinion that there is a significant improvement in the electoral processes. We have clearly witnessed this in the recent elections in Anambra, Ekiti and Osun states. Some responsible factors include the introduction of the BVAS by the electoral arbiter, as well as the new electoral law of 2022.

It seems that the political class has made elections for the highest bidders. What is your point of view ?
I prefer to see a new breed of politicians as presidential candidates from major political parties, regardless of their ethnic or religious background. We have many of them spread all over the length and breadth of the country. The insistence of the APC’s northern governors that the next president come from the south of the country led to the emergence of Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the APC’s presidential flag bearer. It demonstrates respect for the rotation of power between north and south, which truly indicates adherence to the principle of equity, fairness and justice.

How do you see the emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and Tinubu as presidential standard bearers for the PDP and APC respectively?
As for the PDP’s presidential standard bearer, former Vice President Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, his emergence has generated much controversy, internal crises and divisions within the party, Governor Nyesom Wike of River State, some PDP governors , with party leaders and supporters being harmed by the party’s decision to abandon the zoning arrangement between north and south, which is enshrined in the party’s constitution. This is a flagrant violation of the principle of equity, fairness and justice. If this problem is not resolved quickly and appropriately, it will jeopardize the party’s performance and fortunes in the 2023 presidential election.

What is your advice to voters?
Voters have a responsibility to vote for the right candidates, regardless of their political party affiliation, and to ensure that they vote on merit, not sentiment, and that their votes must count. They must bear in mind that their action will determine the future of Nigeria, their children and unborn children.
I urge voters to avoid violence and politicians should have a thematic campaign that promotes peace and tolerance among their supporters as the election campaign approaches.

New movies to stream from home this week. Thu, 22 Sep 2022 15:39:09 +0000

In 2009, when Sidney Poitier received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, President Barack Obama noted, “They said Sidney Poitier didn’t make movies; he makes milestones. And so the documentary produced by Oprah Winfrey and directed by Reginald Hudlin “sydneyticks off litanies of both aesthetic and cultural achievement, without ever feeling obligated. This is certainly due in part to Poitier’s remarkable life, which began in 1927, when he was born to tomato farmers in the Bahamas. His formal education ended in third grade, and he had no knowledge of electricity, indoor plumbing, or the existence of mirrors. This latest revelation only came after he moved to Miami at age 15, and coincided with the discovery that he looked different from many Americans – a revelation that would shape him, both as a black man involved in the civil rights movement and as an actor, whose roles stood out for their groundbreaking candor about race. “Sidney”, which includes narration and interviews with Poitier – as well as appearances from talking heads such as Denzel Washington, Spike Lee, Barbra Streisand, Halle Berry, cultural critic Nelson George and a host of other celebrities and intellectuals – really tells two stories. The first is the story of a life of purpose and principle. The other charts an inspiring filmography, which began in 1950 with “No Way Out,” in which Poitier played a black doctor treating a racist white prisoner, and culminated with the 1967 trifecta of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.” , ‘In the Heat of the Night’ and ‘To Sir, With Love’ – three of the 15 highest-grossing films of that year. (Poitier won two Academy Awards: Best Actor in 1964 for ‘Lilies of the Field” – the first for a black man – as well as a lifetime achievement award in 2002.) If news of the actor’s death in January hasn’t already prompted you to head straight to your favorite streaming service to mount your own retrospective of Poitevin films, “Sidney” will certainly make you want to do it now. PG-13. Available on Apple TV Plus. Contains foul language, including racial slurs and smoking. 106 minutes.

Sidney Poitier was an icon of racial solace. But his genius lies in his rage.

Josh Duhamel stars in “Bandita thriller about a career criminal who falls in love with a social worker (Elisha Cuthbert), but whose long-distance bank robbery leads him to seek greater opportunities from a loan shark (Mel Gibson), ultimately luring the attention of a stubborn detective (Nestor Carbonell). A. Available upon request. Contains foul language throughout, some sexual scenes and some nudity. 126 minutes.

The documentary “Bitterbrushfollows Hollyn Patterson and Colie Moline, two equestrians who spend their last summer herding off-grid cattle in remote Idaho. According to The New York Times, which named the film a Critic’s Pick, “One of the most moving moments occurs at the campfire when Colie remembers his dead mother’s hands – a scene of painful beauty that almost takes the film by surprise (and has echoes in the close-ups of the two women’s hands as they argue over the wire, a scene or two later). Not rated. Available on Apple TV Plus, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, DirecTV and other on-demand platforms. 91 minutes.

Set in Malta in the 1980s, “Carmenstars Natascha McElhone in the lead role: the sister of the local priest (Henry Zammit Cordina), for whom, in keeping with Maltese tradition, Carmen worked most of her life as an unpaid servant. When the brother dies, and as the community of Carmen awaits the arrival of a new priest, heralded by the arrival of her own sister (Michaela Farrugia), Carmen begins to impersonate the new priest – at least in the confessional, where her appearance is hidden and she can disguise her voice. Not rated. Available on Apple TV Plus, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, Xfinity Cable and other on-demand platforms. In English and Maltese with subtitles. 88 minutes.

In the thriller “To digThomas Jane plays Scott, a man traumatized by the violent death of his wife – for which his daughter, played by Jane’s real-life daughter, Harlow Jane, rightly blames him. When Scott, a salvage specialist, is hired by a mysterious man (Emile Hirsch) offering money to strip a remote home of its facilities, Scott and his daughter head to the vacant property, hoping for a healing. But they discover their employer has secret plans for what’s under the house and has no intention of letting father and daughter get out alive. According to the A.V. Club, “The entire production resembles a convenience, in which a deserted plot of land with a dilapidated house was available, and a script was written to take advantage of this fact.” A. Available upon request. Contains pervasive foul language, violence, some sexual scenes, and brief drug use. 90 minutes.

Antonio Banderas plays the title role in “The executor: a violent gangster who turns against his employer (Kate Bosworth) when he discovers that she is endangering the life of a runaway teenager. A. Available upon request. Contains strong and bloody violence, foul language throughout, sexuality, nudity and drug use. 90 minutes.

Guy Pearce stars in “The infernal machinelike Bruce Cogburn, the reclusive author of a popular book about a mass shooting that may have inspired copycat crimes. When Bruce finds himself harassed by what appears to be an obsessive fan of his work, he must come out of hiding to identify his tormentor and confront his dark past. A. Available upon request. Contains coarse language and some violence. 111 minutes.

Directed by Tyler Perry, based on a screenplay he wrote 27 years ago, “The blues of a jazzman” is a coming-of-age drama about forbidden love in the late 1930s and 1940s South. Variety calls the film – a tonal change of pace for the filmmaker, whose last film was the comedy ‘A Madea Homecoming’ – accomplished, noting that it proves why Perry ‘should get serious more often’. A. Available on Netflix. Contains drug use, violent images, rape, brief sexuality and foul language. 127 minutes.

When a young girl is abducted during a storm in the thriller »Louthe child’s mother (Jurnee Smollett) enlists the help of a mysterious loner (Allison Janney) to find the kidnapper. A. Available on Netflix. Contains violence and foul language. 107 minutes.

The history of cinema: a new generationfollows “The Story of Film: An Odyssey,” a 2011 docuseries exploring the history of 20th-century cinema by critic Mark Cousins, based on his 2004 book “The Story of Film.” Structured as a highly personal essay, “A New Generation” delves into global cinema from 2010 to 2021, examining mainstream and esoteric works such as Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s “Frozen,” “The Babadook,” and “Cemetery of Splendor.” . According to the New York Times, “Cousins’ ratings offer plenty to argue about, but it’s possible to enjoy ‘A New Generation’ without agreeing that ‘Booksmart’ ‘expands the world of cinematic comedy,’ as he claims so, or that a shoot in ‘It Follows’ deserves to be compared to the camerawork of Michael Snow’s seminal experimental film ‘The Central Region’.” Not rated. Available on demand. 167 minutes.

The oath jarfollows Carey (Adelaide Clemens), a happily married woman who finds herself torn between her husband (Patrick J. Adams) and a charming new friend (Douglas Smith). According to Film Threat, the drama — which also features Kathleen Turner as Carey’s stepmother — defies expectations. “So many motion pictures, both comedy and drama, can feel formulaic even when their storytelling beats and the chemistry between the characters works the way they’re supposed to. It’s something more complicated and, because of that , more fulfilling, and his tracks are certainly not lacking in chemistry. Not rated. Available on demand. 111 minutes.

]]> Minturn faces a tight deadline to try to receive the funds promised by the federal government Tue, 20 Sep 2022 23:22:49 +0000
The Eagle River flows through Minturn in July 2019. Construction of a new water reservoir in town is nearing completion.

In March, the city of Minturn was assured that it would receive $1 million in congressional funds to help build a new water reservoir.

But the city won’t be able to apply for those funds until October, which has city budget officials a bit concerned.

The budget is expected to begin receiving debits for payments on the $2.3 million water reservoir when completed in November.

Minturn Mayor Earle Bidez penned a letter to the senses. John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet, as well as Rep. Joe Neguse (whose congressional district includes Minturn), to help ease some of the stress. The city council is expected to vote to send the letter on Wednesday.

The letter says the city’s loan repayments are imminent and asks Colorado Democrats for help seeing Minturn’s request to have the money processed quickly by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Ready to use

In April, Bennet visited the area where the reservoir will be located. The city was about 10 days away from starting construction at the time after launching a bid in February.

The project’s shovel-ready status helped Bennet and Hickenlooper secure funds through Senate Appropriations 2022, which was finalized in March.

The city expects the water reservoir to be completed “no later than November of this year to comply with the elk wintering habitat requirements of Colorado Parks and Wildlife,” according to the letter.

“After the completion and commissioning of the new water reservoir, the city will begin payments on the State Revolving Fund (“SRF”) loan, in which case no further grant funds may be accepted for offset construction costs,” the letter read. “We expect that to happen at the end of November this year.”

Bennet said the water reservoir was one of 56 projects in Colorado for which he had applied to receive funding through various appropriation bills for fiscal year 2022.

A total of $158 million in funding for Colorado projects was included in Senate appropriations bills for fiscal year 2022.

“Each of them was a worthwhile project, and frankly, the next 50 were worthwhile projects as well,” Bennett said.

Another problem

With SRF loans requiring that all grants to offset loan principal be received before construction is complete, Minturn will face a tight deadline when the EPA opens its application process in October.

But that’s not the only problem with the funding promised by Minturn. City officials are also concerned that another issue could affect Minturn’s eligibility to receive the funds.

“The EPA has also identified in the summer of 2022 the requirement that projects must include a clause for commercially disadvantaged enterprises,” according to the letter. “This requirement was instituted after Minturn’s project went to competition in February 2022. We are now concerned that the EPA may deny city funding due to this unforeseen technicality.”

Bidez said he suspects Minturn isn’t the only small town in Colorado dealing with these issues.

“We ask each of you to contact the EPA directly to seek prompt resolution of these two pressing issues,” the letter reads.

How I would use £30 a week to earn extra income year after year Mon, 19 Sep 2022 07:12:40 +0000

Image source: Getty Images

The prospect of increasing income appeals to many people. What may be less appealing is the work that normally comes with it. That’s why my favorite approach to trying to supplement my finances with extra income is to invest in dividend-paying stocks.

This approach can work with a small amount of money – and have lasting benefits. Here I explain some key points of my plan.

The principle of dividends is not complicated. Businesses conduct their business to try to make a profit. If they are successful, they may have to use some of those profits for things like building new factories, investing in expensive product development, or paying off loans.

But if there is money left over, the company can choose to pay it out to shareholders. This is called a dividend. These dividends are never guaranteed. But some companies have been paying them every year for decades. For example, not only has Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust has been paying a dividend for decades, it has also not reduced the amount of its annual payment since before the war.

Invest in stocks

So how could I get some of those dividends to give me extra income? To receive a dividend, an investor must hold at least one share of the company paying it.

But since dividends are never guaranteed and there is also a risk of capital loss if the stock price goes down, I would never invest my money in just one company, no matter how bright its prospects. Instead, I would build a diversified portfolio of stocks in a variety of industries.

It takes money and that’s where the £30 a week comes in. That might not seem like much in a stock market that sees billions of pounds of shares traded daily. But, over time, £30 a week would add up. That would give me over £1,500 a year to invest.

To try to stick to my plan, I would set an achievable goal. This £30 works for me, but other people can invest more or less. I would also set up a stock trading account, or Stocks and Shares ISA, to give me the convenient ability to buy stocks.

Find stocks to buy

What stocks would I buy? I was looking for companies that I believed had a competitive advantage in an industry that I believed would benefit from sustained customer demand.

But the price I pay matters as much as what I buy. So I would look to buy stocks that are trading at an attractive price. Price also helps determine a stock’s dividend yield – essentially its annual dividend expressed as a percentage of my cost for the stock.

If I buy stocks that continue to pay dividends and hold them for the long term, I could earn extra income year after year. If the average return on my portfolio is 5%, for example, I should expect to earn £78 in extra income each year during my first 12 months of investing. Over time, if I continue to invest and the companies I own maintain their dividends, I should see my income increase.

How predatory lending apps handle call centers for blackmail victims Thu, 15 Sep 2022 14:11:00 +0000

Call center executives learn to be persistent and intrusive. But in “call centers” run by operators of predatory lending apps, these executives are trained in threats, harassment, extortion and even photo manipulation to blackmail those demanding to repay the loan. inflated loan on time.

The sleazy companies that run these call centers disguise the operation as an advertising agency, marketing company, or market research company. These call centers mushroomed in large numbers after the pandemic as the government relaxed rules for ‘other service providers’. The Department of Telecommunications registers call centers as “Other Service Providers” and all call centers must be duly registered. But the call center run by these illegal lending apps exploits loopholes.

Unlike legitimate call centers that operate out of business parks, these Chinese-run lending apps are set up in areas that typically don’t have many offices. The personnel working in these call centers are spread over several levels and work according to their “bucket”.

A bucket signifies the level by which a client is ascended when he refuses or fails to repay the borrowed amount plus interest. A customer/debtor can be escalated to the highest level within seven days, after which these call center workers go to great lengths to intimidate them. The tactics include threatening to send fake photos and vulgar messages to their contacts.

In a special series recently, News18 exposed how predatory loan apps designed by Chinese nationals were trapping Indians, driving some to suicide and posing security risks with access to data. The series had revealed how the people behind these apps threatened defaulters with social humiliation, intimidating them with drafts of vulgar photos and messages that they claimed would be sent to their contacts.

Organize SIM cards

One such call centre, disguised as a market research firm, was raided by Delhi police in Sector 3 of Dwarka. Four people accused of leading the operations have been arrested and around 150 people working there have been summoned for questioning. During the investigation, it was discovered that the company had purchased 300 SIM cards in its name to hand out to call center staff.

News18 spoke to state police forces, including those in Delhi, Mumbai, Odisha and Telangana, to find out how these companies managed to get their hands on these numerous SIM cards without hassle. It turns out that once they launched the business, the carriers approached small-scale vendors for the SIM cards. Acquiring such SIM cards requires a corporate document and GST registration. These fake call centers call SIM cards a “gift” for their employees. These cards are registered on the address of the company.

In addition to SIM cards, the company provided staff with basic mobile phones, of the type used in 2000. Delhi police recovered 141 phones in one such case, 136 of which were basic phones. Call center workers use smartphones, but access is limited.

WhatsApp Web in incognito mode

These call center executives have been found to use WhatsApp calling and chatting even while using the web version of WhatsApp in browser incognito mode. Telangana police officials told News18 that in one such case, call center staff logged in from their ID cards, after which a “team leader” logged in to the WhatsApp web. on multiple computers using a single mobile phone.

“After logging into the systems with their login ID and password, all employees used to get phones that they used to call people. Meanwhile, a team leader was logging into WhatsApp on different systems and staff were using this account to threaten people,” a senior Telangana police official told News18.

Separate team to transform photos

The criminal enterprise run by these Chinese lenders and the call centers associated with them also include people and teams expert in morphing and photo editing. Businesses have access to customer photos in the requested permissions bracket when a person downloads and starts using these lending apps. The same goes for access to contacts.

If a customer fails to pay the sum due – principal plus interest – these photos, edited to be obscene, are sent to him with the threat that they will also be transmitted to his contacts. In some cases, call center operators have been found to hire separate staff and set up separate teams to process and edit photos. In some cases, call center staff followed up on the threat.

“In cases across India, contacts of victims have been found to receive vulgar photos. These photos were first sent to another team, who within minutes edited them with the face of the female victim,” a senior Delhi police official, whose team arrested 150, told News18. call center executives.

The different “buckets”

Call center workers work according to escalation levels. The basic level is labeled A-1 or M-1, in which call center employees call defaulting customers and threaten them with refunds. If clients refuse or are unable to reimburse immediately, the file is forwarded to A-2 or M-2. At this point, another executive is using WhatsApp to call and text customers.

The next level is to transform photos and send messages to the victim’s contacts. The levels increase in this way and reach the highest level in seven days, at which time all the tactics used from the beginning are launched against the failing client – threats, abusive messages, image transformation and sending humiliating messages and content to their contacts.

No access to server

No member of staff is granted general access to the servers which store debtor details. They can only access the data after logging in using their username and password. Officials who took down the call centers and are involved in the investigation say the servers are located outside. Staff can only access data after logging in. Once logged out, all data is erased from their computers. There is also no option to save data and to ensure that this special software programmed in China is used.

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Legal & General signs £150m loan to provide 5,500… Tue, 13 Sep 2022 23:18:42 +0000

Leading UK financial services provider Legal & General has announced the signing of a £150m social loan. The funds will be used to finance 5,500 affordable homes and the loan was arranged by BNP Paribas, HSBC UK and SMBC Group, as part of a transaction with Legal & General Affordable Homes (LGAH).

Since its launch in 2018, more than 2,500 homes have been supplied and another 6,500 are on the way. As one of the government’s strategic partners in providing affordable housing, the houses will help meet the significant demand for housing across England.

By contributing to the affordable housing market, LGAH aims to improve the health and well-being of individuals and to make a positive contribution to the community.

The social loan will help accelerate the delivery of social and affordable rental housing in addition to shared ownership across the country.

Chris Hewitt, CFO of Legal & General Affordable Homes, comments, “Since its launch four years ago, Legal & General Affordable Homes has deployed institutional capital at a rapid pace to accelerate the delivery of affordable housing across the country. Over the past few years, Legal & General has committed over £1 billion of its own pension funds to these efforts, and they will be used alongside this innovative social lending structure. This product reinforces our commitment to the sector and our work to help reduce inequalities in communities across the country. Although we are pleased with our progress, 1.4 million households remain on waiting lists for social housing across the UK and there are still major challenges to close this gap. With the formation of a new government, we hope the Affordable Housing Program will be at the heart of any new policy and look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the sector to provide the homes the country desperately needs.

This is the first social lending to use the syndicated product in the UK, and it follows the Loan Market Association (LMA) social lending principles, with all schemes reviewed by the LGAH Review Board , which oversees the selection, evaluation and monitoring of investments.

BNP Paribas acted as coordinator of the social loan, co-lead manager and lender. Laetitia Girolami-Boyer, Director of Sustainable Finance Markets, BNP Paribas, explains: “BNP Paribas is delighted to have partnered with L&G Affordable Homes on this social loan. This collaboration demonstrates the power of sustainable finance to support affordable housing, well-being and community engagement. Alignment with LMA social lending principles catalyzes best practice in the sector, and the transparency built into the lending is an added feature to ensure tangible social impact.

HSBC UK was the facilities and security agent, joint lead arranger and lender. SMBC was Joint Lead Arranger and Lender, with each bank committing £50m.

Robert King, Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC UK, concludes: “As a bank, HSBC UK is committed to the principle of ‘achievable change’ and to helping its clients achieve their business objectives through tailored solutions. and innovative. We want to show our customers how their sustainability and social responsibility ambitions will not only make a big impact on the world around us, but also make good business sense. We are committed to supporting our clients’ sustainability ambitions through tailored and innovative solutions like this social loan for statutory and general affordable housing.

Businessman: I would wait 12 months before buying a property | New Mon, 12 Sep 2022 07:56:00 +0000

“Looking at other economies, like Canada or Australia, which are ahead of us in raising interest rates, their housing markets are in decline. But that doesn’t mean a collapse, just a correction in prices. SEB expects prices in neighboring Sweden to also fall by 15-20% as interest rates rise after climbing for 30 years,” Arakas suggested.

He added that the situation in the real estate market had been thoughtless for some time and could be compared to a few minutes before a thunderstorm started and cleared.

“At the moment, the ‘no shame in asking’ principle reigns. This will end, while we will not see a repeat of 2009-2010 either. Of course, prices have also increased for developers after the crises of Covid and Ukraine. But the river is not so fast anymore. The number of transactions is falling, while this will be reflected in the statistics a year later. Overall, this benefits the real estate market because an arduous race does not can’t be good,” the businessman said.

He added that the biggest change will be moving expectations to where they should be. This will affect rational buyers less and emotional ones more.

“We live in a consumer-centric society, and that’s one of the most important economic indicators. era and turn off the silver hits again.The extra silver hitting the market created the current situation.

Arakas’ calculations suggest that 10 billion euros of mortgages have been sold in Estonia, and that Euribor hitting 2% would result in another 200 million euros being levied on bank customers.

“But the effect of soaring energy prices is tenfold. It is suggested that households could spend 1/3 of their income on housing. I think it will be very different this winter.”

The businessman added that he would postpone buying a house for 6 to 12 months in the current situation.

“I belong to the camp that sees the potential for a small price drop. The price per square meter will not drop from €5,000 to €2,000, but even a drop to €4,000 would be a clear winner.”

Arakas said prices for private residences have moved behind apartments. The price gap between apartments and residences could rise again after the market adjustment.

He added that modular home makers who can offer off-the-shelf solutions might find the situation to their advantage.

Asked if banks might consider cutting their profit margins, Arakas remained skeptical. “With a negative outlook at home (Sweden – ed.), SEB and Swedbank are unlikely to view the Estonian market with optimism,” he said.

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Mourinho claims Roma were unlucky in 4-0 loss, calls referee ‘perfect’ for Udinese Sun, 04 Sep 2022 22:45:25 +0000

Jose Mourinho claimed Roma were unlucky in their 4-0 loss to Udinese, insisted Paulo Dybala was the best player on the pitch and called referee Fabio Maresca a “perfect” for the hosts’ style of play.

Goals from Destiny Udogie, Lazar Samardzic, Roberto Pereyra and Sandi Lovric condemned Roma to their first defeat of the campaign on Sunday as Mourinho suffered his heaviest defeat in Serie A.

Indeed, only once in his managerial career has Mourinho suffered a more comprehensive defeat in a domestic league game, going down 5-0 to Pep Guardiola’s huge Barcelona side when he was in charge. head of Real Madrid in 2010.

Despite the heavy margin of defeat, Roma have enjoyed a greater possession share (56.9%) and registered more shots (12-11) than their hosts, and Mourinho believes defensive mistakes cost the players dearly. Giallorossi.

“Today we were unlucky, we gave away two goals that decided the game,” he said.

“I’m talking about bad luck because at the beginning we were going strong with the opportunity created by Dybala, who for me was the best player on the pitch.

“It’s clear that after losing 4-0 someone can laugh, but he gave quality, he had character.

“I told the players that when Udinese go forward they are good at everything. balls.We don’t have the latter quality.

“A perfect match for them, a well-deserved victory, it’s tough for us but I’d rather have a 4-0 defeat than four 1-0 defeats.”

Mourinho was furious at the decision to deny Roma a penalty when Zeki Celik was bundled up in the box with the score at 1-0, but said blaming the officials for the loss would be “ridiculous”.

However, the former Chelsea and Manchester United boss couldn’t resist a dig at Maresca, saying his refereeing style suited the more physical hosts.

“When you lose 4-0 it’s ridiculous to talk about the referee,” Mourinho said.

“I think it wouldn’t even be fair to say we lost to the referee, we paid for the mistakes we made.

“I don’t hide from you that when it’s a physical match like this and the first yellow card goes to the artist of the match [Dybala]it’s a bit contradictory.

“My principle is always the same, before the matches I never talk about the referees, after the match I can say that with him our feeling is poor.

“But when we saw who he was, we realized he had a perfect feeling with Udinese, for the way they play.

“But we didn’t lose to the referee, he didn’t play a disastrous game, he played a game at his level.”

Mourinho was unhappy with the criticism of his decision to give captain Lorenzo Pellegrini a more advanced role than usual, saying: “We’ve played with Pellegrini before in that position. I was a commentator for a while in England, like it’s easy.

“When you sit on a bench, everything becomes more difficult.”

Transfer Deadline Day Blog Chelsea Barcelona Manchester United Liverpool Juventus PSG Thu, 01 Sep 2022 14:40:03 +0000

The European transfer window is set to close at 6pm and there will likely be a flurry of moves across the continent’s top leagues before it closes. Stay up to date with the blog on the transfer deadline.

Antony unavailable against Leicester

Brazilian winger Antony officially completed his £81.3million transfer to Manchester United on Thursday, but don’t expect to see him suit up at the King Power.

The club confirms that his registration has not been finalized in time to play later Thursday against Leicester City. United hope he will be available for selection on Sunday when Arsenal come to Old Trafford.

After losing their first two matches of the season, United have won two in a row.

Kluivert gets his move

The last few days have been strange for Justin Kluivert.

The Dutch winger was expected to join Fulham on loan but the move fell apart when his work permit failed. Although a Roma player, 23-year-old Kluivert spent last season on loan at Nice, which was why he was denied a work permit.

But it looks like he will eventually be loaned out.

Fabrizio Romano reports that Roma have an agreement in principle with Valencia on a Kluivert loan.

This will be a third consecutive loan for the son of Oranje legend Patrick Kluivert, after his spells at Nice and RB Leipzig.

Aubameyang at Chelsea back?

It looks like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang will return to London after all.

Spanish football journalist Guillem Balague reports that Chelsea have agreed a deal with Barcelona for the ex-Gabonese striker worth £12million. Left-back Marcos Alonso is also expected to travel to Camp Nou as part of the deal.

Aubameyang joined Barca last February after his contract with Arsenal was canceled by mutual consent following what manager Mikel Arteta called disciplinary misconduct. He scored 11 goals in 17 La Liga appearances last season.

His arrival at Stamford Bridge will be controversial after Aubameyang has already spent five seasons at the Emirates and captained the Gunners.

He will become the seventh player to play for the Blues in the Premier League era after playing for Arsenal and the first since Olivier Giroud made the switch in 2018.

Dubravka’s United switch approaches the finish line

Martin Dubravka’s extended move to Manchester United appears to be almost over.

The Slovak goalkeeper’s loan is set to end this afternoon, reports The Guardianit’s Jamie Jackson.

Dubravka, 33, is in his sixth season in the Premier League and is set to become No.2 behind David De Gea.

Dubravka made 127 league appearances for the Magpies and was capped 30 times by Slovakia.

The Red Devils needed another goalkeeper after sending Dean Henderson on loan, this time to Nottingham Forest.

Backline help for Villa

The start of the season has not been easy for Aston Villa. Following Wednesday’s 2-1 loss to Arsenal, the side under fire from Steven Gerrard have now collected just three points from five matches and sit second bottom of the table.

To help bolster the defence, David Ornstein of The Athletic reports that the club will bring in Polish centre-back Jan Bednarek on loan from Southampton.

Bednarek, 26, is in his sixth season at St. Mary’s and has made 132 league appearances for the Saints.

Ornstein notes it is a one-year loan and comes after Villa failed to sign Nat Phillips from Liverpool and a loan move from West Ham for Bednarek failed to get together.

Trump administration was ‘substantially incorrect’ in determining there was no legal authority to cancel student debt generally, Biden’s education department says Sat, 27 Aug 2022 11:17:35 +0000

It’s no secret that student loan forgiveness has been and continues to be hotly contested.

Since student debt is a burden for millions of Americans, the question arises as to how, and if, a president can legally eliminate some of what is now a $1.7 trillion crisis. President Joe Biden’s administration decided on Wednesday that the authority was there, canceling up to $20,000 in student debt for Pell Grant recipients and federal borrowers.

“All of this means people can finally start to get out of this mountain of debt to pay rent and utilities, to finally think about buying a house or starting a family or starting a business,” Biden said Wednesday. Remarks. “And, by the way, when that happens, the whole economy is better off for it.”

Just before Biden announced the broad relief, his Education Department responded to the conclusion former President Donald Trump made in a January 2021 memo while in office: that authority does not does not exist to cancel the student debt of all federal borrowers.

“We have determined that the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students (“HEROES”) Act of 2003 grants the Secretary authority which could be used to implement a targeted loan forgiveness program aimed at address the financial damage of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the department’s general counsel, Lisa Brown, wrote in a memo Tuesday. “We have thus determined that the January 2021 memorandum was substantially incorrect in its conclusions.”

As Brown explained, the HEROES Act gives the Secretary of Education the authority to “waive or vary any statutory or regulatory provision applicable to student financial assistance programs” if the Secretary believes waivers are necessary to ensure that borrowers would not be placed in a “worse position financially” due to a national emergency, which in this case is the pandemic.

However, Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos wrote in her memo that “Congress never intended the HEROES Act to be an authority for mass nullification, compromise, discharge, or remission of student loan principal balances, and/or to materially change repayment amounts or terms”. argue that any general relief is beyond Congress.

While Brown has called for DeVos’ memo to be officially rescinded, there will likely still be legal arguments down the road, and even lawsuits, as Biden’s student loan forgiveness is implemented.

Biden himself questioned the legality of student debt relief

During the campaign trail, Biden pledged to endorse $10,000 in student loan forgiveness, but when it comes to amounts like $50,000 that many Democrats were asking for, he expressed hesitation.

“My point is this: I understand the impact of debt, and it can be debilitating,” Biden said at a town hall last year. “I am ready to cancel the debt of $10,000, but not $50 [thousand]because I don’t think I have the power to do it.”

That’s why he asked the Departments of Education and Justice to prepare memos assessing his legal authority to write off student debt broadly. In October 2021, redacted documents revealed that the Ministry of Education was issuing a memo as early as April 2021.

Just before Biden’s announcement on Wednesday, the Justice Department finally released its memo, concluding that Biden’s “targeted assistance to individuals who have suffered financial hardship due to COVID -19 and who otherwise meet required by law” is permitted.

Still, critics of Biden’s plan are unconvinced. DeVos called the relief “100% illegal,” after months of denial from Republican lawmakers who said the authority did not exist for Biden to enact widespread relief alone, and that the power should rest with Congress.

Even after Biden’s announcement, legal battles could still arise. As CNN reported in July, the recent Supreme Court ruling that limited the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to address climate change could suggest challenges to student loan relief, given the court’s belief that such actions go beyond what Congress intended.

But Democrats continued to believe the authority is there to provide relief to millions of borrowers recovering from COVID-19. A letter from Harvard Law School’s Legal Services Center provided to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2020 detailed the Secretary of Education’s legal ability to cancel student debt, and the White House feels the same way.

“Part of what legal authority is being used to do here, in a targeted way, is to make sure that the borrowers most at risk of post-restart distress occur, they are the ones who are going to get the relief,” , Bharat Ramamurti, the deputy director of the National Economic Council, said at a press briefing on Wednesday. “The legal authority gives the secretary the ability to ensure that the pandemic and the emergency do not cause financial harm net to these people.”