Commodity Prices

Best ETF domains from last week

Wall Street was bullish last week, with the S&P 500 posting the biggest weekly gain since July as stocks rallied in earnings. The Dow Jones (up 1.58%) and the Nasdaq (up 2.18%) were also notable gainers last week. Oil prices rebounded last week, with LP United States Petroleum Fund USO …

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Price hikes should not hurt growth

KARACHI: The recent surge in petroleum product prices and electricity tariffs is not expected to hurt economic growth in the current fiscal year, despite the fact that the price hike will immediately raise the inflation rate by about a percentage point. “Strong inflows of workers’ remittances, growth in export earnings, …

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Commodity prices out of control

Sellers blame shortage of supply for rising prices Retail prices for basic necessities have spiraled out of control in the capital’s kitchen markets, even though the Covid-19 lockdown is not in effect, causing suffering for low and middle income people. Onion and broiler chicken became more expensive compared to last …

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