Becker: The Obvious Enigma of Hypocrisy

It’s even hard to imagine being able to avoid being part of it. It is everywhere, yet when we conservatives behave in society as it is – not as we want it to be – in a way that is most beneficial to our well-being, we are called hypocrites.

What motivated this column were the scathing attacks on me for taking out PPP loans for my businesses.

This column is not intended specifically for my defense, as politically speaking it would be much wiser to just let the attacks fade. Speaking up publicly is a common mistake made by politicians, as it simply continues to bring unnecessary attention to the issue. Instead, I want to make the Conservatives aware of this apparent conundrum and stress that they have nothing to fear and can legitimately oppose accusations of hypocrisy.

Why is it not hypocritical for someone who advocates limited government to participate in a government program or policy to their financial advantage? First of all, I want to make it clear that it would certainly be hypocritical to say that you are for limited government, but that you are pushing for larger parish expenses, grants or tax breaks. It would also be hypocritical to claim that people should not participate in a program, but then participate in it themselves. What is not hypocritical is to advocate for limited government, and also to advocate that people use policies and programs in the way that best suits their business success and safety. of their family. In other words, hate the game, not the gamer.

There are a myriad of examples of this. If you were in Congress, you could vote to eliminate some tax deductions, privatize Social Security, and end all energy subsidies. You would argue for limited government. But that’s not the world you and I live in. Although we are in favor of an end to such policies, we would be foolish not to take advantage of all the tax deductions possible. We would also be foolish not to accept Social Security payments, since the government forced us to hand over our money to fund such a stupid pyramid scheme. And we would be foolish to send extra money for utility bills knowing that the bill would have been higher without government grants. Imagine feeling compelled to leave an extra dollar at the gas pump because you oppose the ethanol subsidies. Foolishness!

I don’t believe property taxes should be the funding mechanism for public schools, yet I haven’t given my neighbors several hundred dollars to compensate them for the program in which they helped pay for very expensive public education. of my children.

I do not believe that corporate property tax cuts are the right way to encourage economic development. Yet if this is the way the local government is going to run things, it would be a very bad business decision if only my competitors benefit from the policy.

A good example that I personally have is from the 2011 flood. My house was badly damaged, so I took out a $ 100,000 reconstruction loan to fund the necessary repairs. Two years later, a bill was introduced to the legislature that would have asked the state to “forgive” all these loans. It would have been a $ 100,000 bonus for me alone! I stood on the floor of the House of Representatives and said that the Pardon Program Bill, while well intentioned, was misguided and unfair. He did not pass afterwards. I actively campaigned for the conservative principle, but if it had been adopted, I can tell you that I would have allowed the state to cancel my loan. If the government creates a circumstance, even hostile to my principles, I will work in that circumstance as best as possible for me and my family.

Advice to my Conservative colleagues; do not apologize. This is not only acceptable, but it is imperative that we strive to improve the system, but also to prosper within the system as it exists. Hate the game, as they say. Try to change the game. Either way, you are in the game, so play it right and kick some ass.

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